Future of Web Development in the Year 2020

Future of Web Development in the Year 2020

Trends in the web development field transform now and then. In around a decade web development
industry has changed inside out. Whether it's automated chat box, single page websites, or video
backgrounds, 2020 brings you a new set of updates.
What sounds more convincing, a website built in a month or a website built in a year with some
great features? I know your answer. In this article, we will take you through some of the most
effective web development trends coming in 2020. These features will not only help you build an
effective website, but it will also give you an overview of where your work needs an update.

Single Page Websites

Single Page Websites are one of the most useful features in the near future. Imagine, no navigation
through pages, no messed-up stuff, just a single page, and a navigation tool taking you through
various parts of that page. Single page websites help you save time, fewer scrolls, and no page
navigations. Short, crisp, and sweet.

Mobile First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing is a powerful feature focusing on the millennial generation. Mobile users are
increasing rapidly across the globe, pushing down the number of desktop internet users. So before
you start building your website, keep in mind to make your website mobile-friendly.
But what is mobile first indexing? It's simple. The mobile version of your website becomes the
starting point for Google index. If you observe a hike in traffic from the Google crawl bots, probably
the traffic is from the mobile platform.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an open source feature backed by Google. The major aspect of AMP is to speed up the
process of how fast a data set can be displayed to the user. How long can you wait for a link to open
after you click on it? Few seconds? AMP helps your website content to load faster and use data
EIGHT times less than traditional ones.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Applications introduced in the year 2015, is now one of the major features you
must have in your web development kit. It gives your client a similar experience on phones as on
desktops. You must have observed your computer browser displaying an application-like page, and
progressive web applications do the same for the user. It enables the user to have the same
experience on their mobiles.

Push Notifications

This feature can either make your site do wonders or blunders. Yes, I mean it when I say this. It can
fetch you a lot more clients if used wisely, whereas on the other hand, push notifications can make
you lose those clients at the same rate as well.
To make things happen through push notifications, you must understand the customer behavior.
Push notification can make your website more engaging and unique. It creates an urge to explore in
the user behavior and improves the client development process.

Chat Boxes and Customer Support

A research report says over 85% of client communications will happen through a machine on the
business end by the year 2020. Chat box are the triumph of robots taking over humans. It helps you
retain the client for long and solve their queries instantly.


Have you heard about the Internet of Things? If yes, then this may interest you for sure. Web Of
Things is the next version which uses and adapts different web protocols to connect anything in the
physical world. Web of Things helps these protocols to give them a presence in the World Wide
Working in the field of web development needs the dedication to keep updated to the new trends.
It's time to make a change to your website before it's too late.