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Carlos Arenillas will also sue BBVA and Villarejo for the espionage case

Carlos Arenillas will also sue BBVA and Villarejo for the espionage case

The former vice-president of the CNMV and former adviser of the Bank of Spain asks the supervisors to clarify their position in the process

  Carlos Arenillas , one of the targets that appear in the leaks derived from the supposed eavesdropping that BBVA commissioned during the presidency of Francisco González , is willing to sue the bank, as well as its former president, Francisco González, and former commissioner José Miguel Villarejo , in prison, for violating their privacy and even putting at risk sensitive information linked to the positions held as vice president of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and director of the Bank of Spain.

  Arenillas has sent letters to both institutions, say nearby sources, in which he announced that in the "next few weeks" he will file a complaint, although he does not explicitly mention the name of the bank. The information published since mid-January reveals that the now-honorary president of the bank allegedly ordered follow-ups from businessmen, politicians and journalists to avoid the disembarkation of Sacyr and other business groups to take over BBVA between 2004 and 2005. Arenillas would have been one of the spies.

In the letter sent to the president of the CNMV, Sebastián Albella, and to the governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, respectively, Arenillas asks what will be the position of both institutions before the judicial procedure that will investigate the facts. In this way, Arenillas uses the position he held in both institutions to reinforce a defense that goes beyond the personal.

It expresses in the letter that in various mass media information and documents have appeared in which both his private address and the two official CNMV cars he used made appear. "According to this information, both my phone and that of people around me and, at least if not something more serious, my home and at least two official cars, photographed," he says.

In addition, he points out that the telephone allegedly intervened was that he used for personal communications but "especially for professionals", for which he affirms that "not only has his privacy been violated, but they have also compromised" confidential information " derived from its institutional positions in both the CNMV and the Bank of Spain. This happened while he was vice-president of the CNMV and advisor to the Bank of Spain, a period in which he could have captured conversations from other companies or sensitive information about the listed companies that could be in the hands of third parties.

Since the CNMV and the Bank of Spain have not made any additional statement to the registration of this letter. The president of the stock exchange supervisor, Sebastián Albella, has already prescribed the crimes derived from the alleged espionage. The CNMV announced a few weeks ago that it will not take legal action or undertake an investigation.

For his part, the governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, has limited himself to claiming an investigation "in full depth and as soon as possible", in order to "eliminate and minimize potential reputational risk" for BBVA , as stated in the halls of Congress.

Other actions
For now, BBVA has not been immersed in any judicial investigation, because it has not received proof of the demands that were going to present some of the theoretically spied citizens, such as the former socialist minister and former director of the Research Department of the bank itself, Miguel Sebastián, or the action that the Manos Limpias organization was going to propose. The corporation does not have "any notification" on the table, as it clarified last week in one of its annual reports.

In addition, he had until Monday 18th to deliver to the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court the reports that he had in his possession on the work he would have been doing for Villarejo bank through the security company Cenyt. The entity maintains an internal investigation that could last several months. He has already anticipated that "it is not possible to predict the scope or duration" of that analysis "nor its possible outcome" or "implications".

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