Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Google Assistant is able to guess what you are going to write

Google Assistant is able to guess what you are going to write

The search engine giant's assistant improves its predictive text tool, but only in English

  On May 17, Google held its developer conference and took a radical turn to its business strategy. The CEO of the search giant changed his usual speech and entered the race to lead artificial intelligence.

This new business line covers all the products of the American technology. Last summer landed on Android smartphones Google Assistant. Since its inception, the company's assistant has been evolving and learning new languages, until this month where he has incorporated his Spanish version.

   Allo allows you to complete the text using the smartphone's keyboard. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Google Assistant suggests words at the time of writing thanks to the collected history of all the writings.

Assistant, the future

The Google experience he has transmitted for years in his search engine has been transferred to his application in Google Assistant, as one of the most important components to give intelligence to the virtual assistant.

With the great diversity of products, the search engine will be available almost anywhere without having to access a browser.

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