Monday, October 15, 2018

Whatsapp already knows where you are at any time

Whatsapp already knows where you are at any time

The latest update of the app includes the geolocation option so that contacts know where the user is moving in real time

   For some time now, the possibility has been rumored that WhatsApp would allow users to send the user's location in real time, which generated criticism and support in equal parts. The privacy is one of the most controversial points, although being a tool of choice, it is always voluntary.

Now Whastapp has officially announced that it is launching the function to allow its millions of users around the world to "share the location in real time with their family and friends". Specific examples in which the user can use this new option are meetings with friends, tell relatives that you are okay or share a trip home.

   The real-time location is a simple and safe way to share where you are," defends WhatsApp in the statement. In addition, the function is protected by end-to-end encryption and allows you to control who you want to share the location with and for how long.

The new option will be available for Android and iOS devices "in the coming weeks," confirms the company. The difference with the classic location sharing is that it only sends the point where you are at the time of sharing, while the real time allows the other person to know where you are moving .

Step by Step

1. Open a chat with the person or group of Whatsapp where you want to share the location.

2. Touch the attach button (clip) and select 'Location'.

3. In the next few days, a new option will appear that says 'Location in real time'. You have to select the duration and hit 'Send'.

4. From that moment on, each participant can see your location in real time on a map. If more than one person in the group is sharing it, you can see all the locations on the same map.

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