Thursday, October 11, 2018

The technological dependence, the food of cyber attacks

The technological dependence, the food of cyber attacks

Network security is a priority issue for the European Commission

   This Thursday marks the International Day of Information Security. A celebration that aims to raise awareness about the importance of information security and the systems and environments that operate in it.

A priority issue for the European Commission and one of the pillars of the R & D framework programs and the European Union's agendas. However, the Valencian company S2 Grupo has warned "of the need to improve in this area and reduce exposure to possible cyber attacks"

"Cybersecurity is a critical factor to guarantee the digital transformation of Europe," says S2 Grupo's managing partner, Miguel A. Juan. "At the moment it is key to develop a strong sector with our own technology, because otherwise we will be exposed to increasingly complex cyber attacks and with greater impact on our society," he points out.

    These attacks pose a high risk to European digital development because they can have a high impact and cost on the economy, infrastructure and even politics. For this reason, the European Commission itself has promoted initiatives for the development of cybersecurity technologies, as explained by the Valencian company.

In this sense, Europe has advanced infrastructures in sectors such as transport, energy and manufacturing, as well as technologies such as cryptography and big data and a network of specialized SMEs. In addition, European countries have adopted more restrictive privacy and data protection laws, as well as for greater caution in the business and professional use of public Clouds.

However, the growth of the companies is slowed down by the fragmentation of the market and the particular interests of each country, as explained by the managing partner of S2 Grupo. Also, legislation and public investments are a factor that favors the growth of the sector.

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