Thursday, October 11, 2018

The animojis come to Android

The animojis come to Android

The first apps that copy Apple's animated emoticons arrive on the Play Store

   The animated emojis of Apple are the last sensation of the iPhone X and that have flooded the social networks. A success that has caused a sensation in the great rival of the giant of Cupertino, Android, and they have set to work to achieve it.

But, every copy is usually bad and in this case the rule is met. Supermoji, which is available in the Play Store and for free, lets you bring the emojis of the system to life.

However, if the innovative Apple system captures every facial gesture in detail, the Android program leaves something to be desired. Although, it is true that the application is able to identify the movements of our face, and move them in real time in the different emojis available.
The app also allows you to add funds and different effects, and make recordings or captures to later share them on our social networks. The application for Android incorporates six masks that can be combined with different spaces and actions as it happens with the real animojis of Apple.
At the moment, the recognition system of the app fails to register the gestures, but it is a first step to entertain and make friends and friends laugh on social networks.

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