Thursday, October 11, 2018

Spain, one of the preferred destinations of the technology sector

Spain, one of the preferred destinations of the technology sector

The cross is the Spanish talent drain, the fourth highest in Europe

   The United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands are the favorite technological destinations in the Old Continent and just below Spain. This is the face of the Spanish technological ecosystem that is marred by the flight of national talents, which is the fourth highest figure in Europe.

The Old Continent has received a record $ 19 trillion in European technology investments in 2017, but the most salient idea of ​​the State report on European Technology this year is that a war for talent is underway.

    With twice as many graduates in the branches of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Europe than in the United States, a technological workforce that grows three times faster than the EU average and a 17% increase in professional developers since 2016, it is clear that the continent's technological future is built on strong foundations.

Carried out by Atomico, a global venture capital firm based in Europe, together with Slush technology in Helsinki, Finland, the report describes five key trends underlying the growing influence and success of the European technology industry:

A healthy landscape built on solid foundations: another record year for Europe with a little more than 19 trillion dollars invested, an increase of 14.4 trillion if we compare the figures with those of 2016. It is also a record year for rounds of more than $ 50 million, and we are on track to exceed this figure in 2017, significantly higher than the previous historical high of 43 in 2015.

War for talent

The number of professional technology developers has increased throughout the continent to 5.5 million. The United Kingdom remains the number one destination for the technological talent that migrates to and within Europe, but it seems to have lost participation in front of other European destinations such as Germany and France. These are still in second and third place. The Netherlands is in fourth place and in the fifth place appears Spain.

The cutting-edge technology continues to thrive in Europe. In 2017, Europe is on track to achieve a record $ 3.5 billion investment in dot technology, an increase of 40% compared to 2016. There is also increasing evidence that the most promising technology companies in Europe choose to stay in the Old Continent.

Europe has also positioned itself at the center of the explosion of crypto / blockchain economy activity. There are more blockchain development projects and more teams using the new ICO model to raise capital in Europe than in any other region of the world.

Regulation is emerging as an opportunity to obtain competitive advantages: there is a broad agreement in the entire European technological community about the need to prioritize regulatory changes to encourage the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence, in its acronym in English), blockchain and autonomous vehicles.

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