Thursday, October 11, 2018

Google teaches how to save data

Google teaches how to save data

Launch the Datally app so that the user has more control over their data rate

Arriving at the end of the month with the data rate without exhausting more and more is a very complicated task. Watch videos on YouTube, listen to music online, send tweets, use WhatsApp are everyday actions that consume data and often do it in the background without users realizing it.

Google tries to put an end to these scares by depleting the data rate within a few days of starting a new invoice. The tool is Datally, an application designed so that the user has more control over the use of mobile data in their device and thus, save on their rate.

Datally controls and limits the data of other apps, although the user can decide the applications that will spend data and those that do not press a button. With this, the new Google program is able to save up to 30% of mobile data to the user, according to the Mountain View company in a statement.

In addition to restricting the connection, Datally allows the user to see the use of application data in real time through various controls, which even allow applications to be blocked in the background.

In this sense, Google has also incorporated metrics that include the usage history and usage trends of each application measured by hour, day, week and month. Datally includes personalized recommendations to help the user save more.

In case the user runs out of data, or in case he does not want to spend on his rate, Datally has a system that helps the user to find a public WiFi network. In addition to connecting, users may also qualify these networks depending on their quality.

Datally is available worldwide for users of Android 5.0 and higher. The application can now be downloaded from Google Play.

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