Monday, October 15, 2018

Blockchain to improve health

Blockchain to improve health

United States works with block chains to expedite the exchange of information between hospitals

   The connection is growing and with it the exchange of data is rigged. On many occasions, this information has a high degree of privacy. This is the case of hospitals with medical records and that on several occasions their security has been compromised with ransomware attacks.

Therefore, the US medical centers are working with blockhain security to increase the security of the information that is shared among all the agents involved in the health world of the country.

For years, the Center for Surveillance of Epidemiology and Laboratory Services in the United States has been working on the construction and development of real applications based on blockchain technology to monitor their safety.

   This center is responsible for preventing the spread of pandemics throughout its territory and for this they must share data between the different administrations. The project leader, Jim Nasr, is designing software based on block chains to better manage this data in events or crisis episodes.

This type of technology is the pillar of many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. These are maintained by computer networks and each computer verifies each transaction in a large accounting book very difficult to hack thanks to encryption.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a mobile application that health workers can use to record information about patients and help determine what medications should be given to each one.

However, this type of private information can not be stored in the cloud due to a possible cyber attack. Nasr says the blockchain could offer a way to store and share that data much faster while complying with security and privacy laws.

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