Thursday, October 11, 2018

Black Friday, the technological fever that makes your pocket tremble

Black Friday, the technological fever that makes your pocket tremble

The Spaniards spend on average 100 euros only during this day | The most sought after products are smartphones and computers

   This Thursday is a family day in the United States: gala dinner and a turkey carving on the table. This is the plan for the Americans tonight, tomorrow Friday another story. After celebrating Thanksgiving comes the kick-off of Christmas in the North American country and in Spain has been copied to the letter this day, which on the other side of the Atlantic is the most consumed.

Originally, Black Friday or Black Friday was born in the 60s to give name to the great traffic jams after Thanksgiving. Technology and hyperconnection have taken this fever to all corners of the planet. TV ads, waves of mails, press announcements, everything to announce the 'rebates'. From the General Consumers Association (ASGECO) have qualified that Black Friday "are not rebates, it is a marketing campaign", so they have advised caution and patience to consumers .

   A fever that affects three of every four Spaniards , who will buy something this Friday, according to A passing madness that is noticed in the pocket of the Spanish and that in 2016 meant an expenditure of 82.81 euros on average just this day.

In the last edition of Black Friday, the Spanish branch of Amazon registered up to ten sales per second . In the golden minute of the day, 640 orders were made. For this year, the report presented by the portal foresees that sales reach 1,376 million euros. 9% more than the previous year.

In this sense, 40% of Spaniards have planned to acquire an item during Black Friday and the next Cyber ​​Monday and have an average budget of 118 euros. And it is that finding that desired item, the perfect gift at a discount or at a special price increases your happiness exponentially, according to 47% of consumers.

"Black Friday is a date increasingly recognized in our country, as shown by the fact that in 2016 the demand for products grew by 130% during this day," says Adrián Amorín, Country Manager of

Most searched: mobile phones and laptops

The most sought after products in Spain this Friday will be smartphones, since they will not be missing from the shopping list of 28.5% of Spaniards . These devices will have an average discount of 3% during the day. In second place in this ranking are laptops with 19.5%. Interestingly, this category of product is the one that offers the highest offers, since according to the data of Idealo you can find an average discount of 7% during this day on this type of device.

On the other hand, the tablets occupy the third place, with 16.8% of the demand. In the list of most sought after products for this Black Friday also include films and series (12.3%), music (12.1%), electronic books (10.6%), cameras (9, 3%), fitness trackers (8.5%) and video games (8.3%).

In the United States, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the days marked on the calendar. Two dates that in Spain have resulted in a week of constant discounts and that have changed consumer habits at the doors of Christmas.

The online purchase of technological devices has grown 15% since last year, becoming thus and for the first time, in the channel of purchase preferred by these users, ahead of the physical trade, which until last year remained a preferential purchase option .

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