Thursday, October 11, 2018

An 'app' with small new features every month

An 'app' with small new features every month

The new BBVA developments are based on the Design Thinking methodology and the Agile structure

   Small functionalities instead of large and complex products. BBVA is adopting what is known as an Agile methodology to develop new ways and possibilities with which its customers can use their mobiles, which is allowing to incorporate new options every month. Among the latest news is to send money without having to enter the 'app', simply using Siri, 'chatbots' or Cashup.

With the mobile app of BBVA and the different options that the bank is developing, an adoption pattern similar to that of WhatsApp is taking place: although it is usually the youngest who previously use these features, it is no longer possible to determine a unique profile of the type of user, since it is becoming more and more diverse. For example, one of the most used news for all types of customers is the sending of money from one mobile phone to another.

   "It is not even necessary to identify yourself in the BBVA 'app' in order to do it safely. In iPhone, for example, you simply have to ask Siri, the voice assistant, that you want to send a certain amount of money to a certain contact. And Siri takes care of it, "says Raúl Pérez González de Uriarte, Deputy Director of Digital Transformation at BBVA Spain.

Another of the latest developments is the use of biometrics techniques to access the 'app' through the iris (with Samsung terminals) or the face (Apple's FaceID), something that is used even to sign operations over of 20 euros in sending money to other phones.

With all these advances, before the end of the year, 92% of the products and services that the bank has will be available in the BBVA 'app'. And the promise is that every month a new functionality will be incorporated. Something that is already happening thanks to what is known as Agile methodology, interdisciplinary teams of about fourteen people who work with the final customer and who launch the minimum viable product, but in the fastest and safest way possible.

"There is a single agenda: that the client can do all his operations with the mobile phone or with the hand of his manager," says González de Uriarte. Thus, each new capacity must be developed and launched in less than three months. «They are simple functionalities, but the adoption is seen in the users and they are getting better».

The Deputy Director of Digital Transformation of BBVA Spain ensures that, in addition to this Agile philosophy, BBVA also adopts Design Thinking. "Agile is for manufacturing very fast, with the intention of delivering value to the customer as soon as possible, but well defined. Because you can not make trial and error with customers either ». Therefore, three months before developing that product, a minimum definition of what is going to be done is made. "When something is a priority, the team is formed in three days. In six weeks at the most you have to do the definition of the project and in 3-6 months (maximum nine) it has to be in the hands of clients ».

Bizum and other examples

Some of the results of this strategy that the bank is following are Bizum (the system that allows you to make payments to another person by entering only your mobile number), Cahsup (a keyboard that also allows you to send money through any messaging application, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack or Telegram), the possibility of opening an account through a selfi, Bconomy (BBVA's personal finance manager) or Valora (the bank's property valuation system).

The bank says that these innovations tend to be widely accepted by customers. Thus, in contracting car insurance, growth rates of 17-18% in the digital environment are being experienced. "In March 2015, we digitally sold about 600 loans with one click. In 2016, we made 660 in one day, "says Raúl Pérez González de Uriarte. This responsible also confirms that, although at first the most active users could be from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​now Andalusia and the Valencian Community are growing a lot in adoption of these functionalities.

All this is allowing operations through the mobile are about to exceed those made from the web browser. "We already have four million customers of digital banking, and three million from the mobile", says this responsible, which ensures that mobile operations have already exceeded 50% of the contributions of digital sales. «And it keeps growing».

What will be the next news that will reach the BBVA app? The deputy director of Digital Transformation does not want to go into many details of something that will come after Reyes, although he advances that he follows the path of Bconomy and Valora. That is, "to create opportunities, to talk about your life, an experience around your life".

This functionality will be based on 'big data' technology and seeks to "help the client to be prepared in their most important moments of life".

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