Monday, October 22, 2018

Amazon allows you to try on your clothes before buying them

Amazon allows you to try on your clothes before buying them

Amazon Prime customers will be able to try three items before buying them

Amazon continues to reinvent itself and has started a path increasingly similar to the physical stores that occupy large stores. The American e-commerce giant has launched, for the moment in the United States, a tester service.

To date and as reported by Amazon on its website, only Prime users will not have to make any upfront payments and will only pay for the clothes they choose to stay.

Customers should choose between three and fifteen items in the Amazon catalog, which covers a million fashion items, and will receive a box with a prepaid label that can be resealed for returns within seven days.

If they buy three or four pieces of the shipment, they will receive a 10% discount and if they stay five or more, this offer is extended to 20%, the company points out.

To return the objects that do not convince them, users can leave the box in a station of the UPS courier company or request a free pick-up.

The service, which will be included in the Prime subscriptions at no additional cost, is currently in the testing phase and has a notification system enabled to use it when it opens.

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