Sunday, August 19, 2018

DAZN, problems with the Tickets bought by Sky and the free trial month

The Serie A 2018-19 is ready to debut for the first time with some matches visible only in streaming , on the DAZN service of the Perform Group that we have widely presented HERE ; we also explained how it will be possible to follow the entire Serie A 2018/2019 championship in streaming with Sky Calcio or NOW TV and DAZN subscriptions and also how Sky customers can buy the DAZN TICKETS at discounted prices. It is precisely on the latter that we focus now, as there are reports of some problems that are experiencing Sky customers in activating the TICKET DAZN 9 MONTHS purchased at a price of 59.99 eurosto save about 30 euros compared to the subscription to DAZN for 9 months at the list price of 9.99 euros per month.

The problem is the following: the Sky customer who bought the 9 month MONITOR TICKET and activates it on his DAZN account already activated previously to take advantage of the first month free is actually with the date of the next renewal of the 8 month subscription , instead of 9, from the time the subscription started. We do not know if the same problem also occurs with the TICKET DAZN 3 MONTHS but presumably yes.

We contacted DAZN's support for inquiries and was told that DAZN is aware of this problem and that it is working with Sky to resolve it,  inviting not to contact Sky customer support. It therefore seems to be just a 'technical' problem that will be solved soon. However, people who experience the problem can report it to DAZN's support at via email or chat and wait for it to be resolved.

Technical problems like this can happen, it is useless to take on Sky or DAZN, even considering that DAZN has landed in Italy in a very short time.

Let's try to understand the problem which it could be. Given that it is not DAZN who told us how it should work the Sky ticket with the free trial for those already subscribed to the service but we are doing an assumption based on the FAQ of, the TICKET DAZN 9 MONTHS that you buy from Sky at € 59.99 instead of € 89.91 (offer available from 13 August 2018 to 3 September 2018 for customers with Sky residential subscription in active status, with cc payment / debit to bank account and in good standing with payments) seems to have been conceived for the activation of a new DAZN account (being the service just started in Italy maybe the technicians did not think that Sky customers would have activated a new subscription before the beginning of the Serie A championship without a ticket). After purchasing the TICKET DAZN from Sky you are invited to use the promotional code received via SMS by activating a new account at to start viewing the 9 months purchased with Sky (in this case there is no first month free).

However,Sky's DAZN TICKETS are not exclusive to new DAZN subscribers , which means that those who have previously activated a DAZN profile can redeem the promo code purchased with the DAZN TICKET from Sky (in this case the address is https : // Who activates a new DAZN account (not via Sky Ticket) has the first month free, then can decide whether to continue paying by credit card, paypal or other payment methods (such as a promotional code from DAZN partners) or cancel the subscription. Before the expiry of this free month it is possible to redeem the code of the 9 MONTHS TICKET DAZN purchased by Sky to start the 9 months from when the month already active ends . The problem is thatthe DAZN platform system does not seem to recognize the free month, that's why the Sky customer finds the date of the next renewal at 8 months (the ninth is understood as the first month free) instead of 9 months as it should be.

Sky in the DAZN TICKET FAQs is clear: " I already have a DAZN account, can I still use the DAZN TICKET purchased by Sky? Yes, absolutely.If you have already purchased a DAZN subscription, the ticket purchased by Sky will automatically start at the end of the first. ". In the case of a subscriber to DAZN who is taking advantage of his first free month and redeems the code of the 9 MONTH DAZN TICKET bought by Sky should be with the date of the next renewal to 9 months from the activation of the trial period (9 + 1) . Example: a subscriber to DAZN on August 2 should have free trial until September 2 and if on August 13 he bought and activated the TICKET DAZN 9 MONTHS from Sky should have the subscription expiring on 2 May 2019, while due to problem you can find the deadline to April 2, 2019.

To summarize, those who have used the DAZN 9 MONTH TICKET code bought by Sky on an active DAZN subscription which is using the first free month but finds itself with the date of the 'next payment' in its DAZN account postponed by only 8 months instead of 9 must be patient, DAZN should solve the problem automatically (but sending an email to the assistance or contacting her in the chat is not bad).

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